• Lisa Froment

Painting for Birthday Present!!

Artwork is the gift that lasts a lifetime for the recipient. Who wouldn't love to open a box with artwork painted just for them.

I was commissioned to paint a catboat named "Tigress", out of Martha's Vineyard, for a client to give as a birthday present. I worked with him to choose the size of the canvas and what he wanted to include in the painting to make it truly meaningful for his girlfriend.

Here are the steps that the painting went through until ready for delivery.

The drawing done from photo research of Tigress and client photos placing them in the boat.

Initial painting after approval of what's to be included. Client asked for puffy clouds.

Side view of gallery wrapped canvas. Client asked for sides to be painted as well.

This is the finished painting. 11x14in. oil on on gallery wrapped canvas. No frame needed with gallery wrap. Happy client and gift for a lifetime!!