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Small boats, in their many sizes and shapes, are playful, sometimes workhorses, pleasure craft in sailing but always enjoyable to look at. They come in many shapes including  dorys, dinghys, skiffs, rowboats, tugboats and canoes as well as all of the different kinds of sailing vessels you see in harbors. You may have a family sailboat you would like to see under sail in a painting. Maybe you just like to see the reflections of a small boat in the water on a calm surface. Crashing waves on rocks, a fly fisherman in a stream, anything you can imagine I can bring to life. I have always had a place in my heart for old boats with chipping paint abandoned in the grass. I think of the full life cycle of boats. A new boat used for many years to an old boat left to weather in the sunlight and outdoors in the elements. Sometimes all I find in the grass are the ribs and stern of a rotting boat frame. All make great subjects for paintings.

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