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Meet The Artist

Lisa Froment Artist

From the Artist

My name is Lisa Froment and I’ve been painting boats and seascapes out of my studio for many years. I enjoy the play of color and light and shadows. I challenge myself with unique perspectives on traditional and contemporary color schemes in my work in order to make each piece memorable and a joy for the senses.

Commission pieces are also a passion for me. I enjoy bringing an idea a client brings to the table to a finished painting. The joy and amazement in my clients faces never gets old.

Selected Group Exhibitions


Mélange of Milieu, Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York



Enigmatic Realms, Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York

Jamaica Plain artist Lisa Froment Pushing the Envelope of Color at Agora Gallery NYC
By Agora Gallery, click here for article

The New England coastline is the main inspiration for Lisa Froment's paintings. "I am drawn to the coast where storms, the sun, and clouds await interpretation," says the artist, who grew up near the beaches of Rhode Island. In her images those interpretations have a bold presence. She is sensitive to many textures — from clouds in a sunlit or stormy sky to the brightly painted hulls of boats. By applying her paints with both brushes and palette knives, she heightens the effect of those textures and gives each image's surface a powerful energy.

Working in watercolor and oils, Froment experiments with color and light, creating patterns that both capture the physical aspects of each environment and transform that environment into a visual statement. She enjoys using non-traditional colors for water and sky in her images, seeing it as a way to "push the envelope of color." But her experimentation is always at the service of presenting a world that the artist finds beautiful on its own. "Mother Nature inspires me," she says, "because she has never painted a bad canvas."

My Process in Oils

My Thoughts on Oils


The feelings  a painting can conjure up are different for each viewer. I use Palette knives and brushes for my oil paintings. I start a painting with an idea from a photograph or a location that inspired me. Then I try to convey the mood or atmospheric condition which inspired me.. I start with a thin drawing in oil and begin to build color and values until the painting feels finished. It is sometimes a journey with many paint strokes and other times it just happens effortlessly.

Watercolor Wonder

  My Thoughts on Watercolor

Watercolor is a fanciful medium which enchants the artist. The most amazing things happen when a color is mixed with another color and water. The translucent properties of the medium make for an exciting journey until the painting  is completed. I love the unpredictable nature of watercolor. It forces you to plan or accept its own transparent ways. The light that shines through the paper is what brings it such magic.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

 Maya Angelou

The photos below are photos I have taken that have inspired my paintings. I wanted to share with you my creative inspirations. 

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